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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Need flower bed help .

These are blooming now and so pretty . I love them

Last years flower bed .

Help , grass keeps creaping in to my flower beds . How can I get rid of it with out using a spray that will kill my plants ? I always dig out the grass and cut out the edges . But the roots are still there real deep or grow under the cut out aria and the grass keeps comeing up . It's been so much work that I'm just not up to any more .

This is a picture of my rock garden last summer after the grass grew back across the cut out aria and below the rock garden . We always mow away from it so the seeds won't grow new grass in the bed . I always have to wait till the cool fall days to clean out the regroth of grass . I just can't take the heat of summer . I didn't feel well last fall so I'm doing the grass removel now .

I also need advice for full sun , drout tolerant flowering plants , no dead heading , tall or short will do , for NE Ohio. Plaining my flower beds now so I can pick up some new plants .

I started some Zennias and marigolds , fed then every Friday , Thanks Glenda at for your good advice , There getting huge , just have to wait till it's past the last frost date to plant them .

Thanks for your help .


Mari said...

I use Preen or Weed and Feed every year when I plant my annuals. It really helps as I rarely have to weed my beds.
As far as full sun plants, I'm not too much help. Our yard is very shady so I do a lot of impatiants.

Tootsie said...

have you tried to do your edges the way I do mine? I don't have any grass in my beds at all.
now...what about portulaca? they love to be dry....I will email you a list of plants later sweetie...if I get a minute...but the portulaca is a sure thing...and they come in loads of colors and there are a few different varieties
your bed is beautiful...even with some grass!

sue said...

Dear Mary, weeding is one of those chores we all hate but have to do! I'm with ya girlfriend, I can't take the blaring sun and heat anymore either. Because of that reason I have eliminated alot of my flowerbeds. I think the little bit i have now will be ok for me to handle. tootsie will give you the best advice she is bloglands master gardener! I agree with portulaca, its wonderful and reseeds for me too! Take care Mary and don't work so hard, let the grandkids do the weeding! xoxoxo

Tootsie said...

thank you Sue....Not sure of the master gardener thing....major lunatic
Mary, here is the link to the flower bed edges that I do....I am also planning to look up a couple of other plants for patient...I am not as young as I look! lol

bmwgal1948 said...

Lantana is a plant that grows like a weed here in Fl. and is drought tolerant.Mexican Heather is another one that does well with little water and no dead heading. Take care!

Sharon Brumfield said...

I wish I knew what to tell you. But after having been in Louisiana for so long I am going to have to get used to this area and how to plant.
This year I am just sticking to things in pots.
And if we go were I think we will be moving the entire area is shaded with trees so I will be looking for some help myself.
You'll have to show us what things look like when you finish.

Jessica said...

Your garden is beautiful Mary~ I think you got the best tips already. :) Hope you are doing well.

Hugs~ J

Betty said...

I use Preen and can't say as I am grass or weed free but it helps a lot! I also love moss roses.

Mary / Mariah said...

Thanks Betty and every one .I was edgeing yesterday , its raining today , I also have an appointment with my eye surgen this afternoon .
Please pray for me .

Betty said...

I use a formula that feeds and is for weeds. You just sprinkle it into the areas and it doesn't hurt your flowers.