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Sunday, May 25, 2008

A pretty warm sunny day , My flowers are blooming .

Dad Planted these flowers many years ago , Mom got them from Grandma Sprunger , the color is so different , sort of brown on the top . I've always loved them .

My peonies are blooming now and so pretty . My daughter Teresa gave this one to me some years back .

The white ones Dad and Mom planted year ago and I moved them here . They all smell so good .

Wow 71" and sunny out today . I planted 3 over the banister flower boxes Friday . I need more plants and potting soil . I hope they fill out good , look spindly now . I have 3 more . I'll put 4 on the deck for now . My cousin June gave them to me , just love them . She is so kind and helpful .


lin said...

Hey sweet friend I am so glad you are getting to plant! I think the planter boxes are going to look so good on your deck! Thanks for the trip through your garden, you take great pictures.Hugs
Linda (bmwgal)

beddow said...

Wow! I have never seen irises like that either. Nor have I have seen planter boxes like yours. They are going to look just beautiful, love the colors you put in them. Your peonies are lovely. Mine are full but no sign of color yet. It was a lovely day here today too. I did get somethings planted. I will have to try and get some pictures. Thanks for letting me know about your flowers I love looking at them.


Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Mary, I do remember iris's like that from when I was a little girl. Your flowers are beautiful! How's the new flower bed? We had a beautiful day today. It was about 84 degrees. Have a good night!

mrsben said...

These are soooooo beautiful! Thank you for sharing them with me. Changing the subject Mary, regarding the family photo, are you in it?

Caroline Joy said...

Your flowers are so lovely ! I wanted to stop by to give you a hug !