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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A place to relax with a cup of Chocolate Mint Tea ..

We love to sit here on our deck our neighbors built last year . Another neighbor keeps sneaking on to our deck to leave pretty vase's of flowers and little gifts .
My cousin June gave me the flower boxes and some flowers .
It's really great having a place to relax with a cup of tea or a meal with family and friends .

I for got I had a plant in this color , My other ones are white with a light touch of pink and the Single ones are deep pink .

These roses are on the left of the steps behind an Iris plant . I think I'll move the Iris in the fall so we can see the Rose plants better .

Lillie's by our deck look so pretty just after a good rain . The color looks so bright today . I moved them there last fall .


Tootsie said...

geezzzzz for a while there I thought you were never going to Your flowers are beautiful Mary. I am glad you came to visit me tonight. I haven't seen you on rms much...but these last two days I haven't been on eihter. I was 8 above freezing today hailed three damage so far....and it poured rain for the last week and is still raining would think I would have cleaned my house! NOT! I cleaned the garage instead. and tomorrow when it is supposed to finally be a little warmer outside....I will be cleaning!

bj said...

Oh, what beautiful flowers you have growing! and I love your pretty deck.
Enjoy your day!

Picket said...

Hey are you today? I love your deck and all those gorgeous flowers...what a great comfort zone you have!!! Thanks so much for coming by and checking in on me....Everything is so much better now that my folks have moved back home...I tell you girl it was just making me physically ill for them to live in an apartment...I think they finally realized that they will not be happy with that situation..Thanks again for coming by and I hope you have a great rest of the week!