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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer Flowers and Tomato Flip flop

I love this rose so much . My dad planted it behind the house over 30 years ago .

I thought I'd try this planter .

It has grown so much and really doing good .

So far so good , yellow acid free tomatos are starting to pop out all over ,
Can't wait till their ripe .

This was a gift from our daughter . I have a lot of differant kind of lillies

Hope to devide my yellow Lillies this Fall .

Maybe these red ones also .
We have 2 large Hydranga's Dad planted more them 50 years ago .


Mari said...

What beautiful flowers! I especially love the rose, because your Dad planted it!

Anonymous said...

The rose and hydrangeas are beautiful Mary! My dad gave me several hydrangeas when I lived inNM for I was always wanting to grow one but alas none survived!

I bought one last summer here in Co but it didn't survive either- maybe I am not supposed to have hydrangeas!

I have seen alot of upside down tomatoes lately- do they grow better that way or what is the purpose of them being upside down?

Nice to see you post again!


bj said...

Hi, Mary..beautiful flowers.
Hope all is well in your world.
Come see me sometime...:)
xo bj

sue said...

How are you Mary? Is your vision good, and the surgery was a success? I hope so!! Your flowers are looking beautiful, so lush and healthy! Today is Amelias birthday, come by and see her! xoxoxo

Jessica said...

Beautiful flowers Mary! Your topsy turvey is looking great...we just picked 2 tomatoes off of ours~ YEAH! I've never grown a veggie

Hugs to you dear friend!


Picket said...

Morning girl....oh what beautiful flowers sis!!!! I love that you have so many that your dad planted so long ago...what treasures and I gotta try that upside down tomatoes thingy! I love home grown tomatoes! lol Hope you are having a glorious week sitting on the porch looking at all your pretty flowers...take ya girl!~♥~

Jeni said...

Totally AWESOME flowers... Love the picture of this red rose!! I too love to decorate my home with sweet flowers!!

Betty said...

Everything looks so pretty. My hubby got himself one of those topsy turvy things but the tomato stem was real small where it first came through and eventually it split, must have done something wrong.