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Saturday, June 27, 2009

I had a fun day out with my daughter .

You should check out The Urban Cottage . Furniture , candles and many other decor items , so many great things to look at and buy .
Some friends and others on other sites ask
where this place is .
Well it was at 126 S. Market St. next to the Hungarian Pastry & Coffee Shop

They moved to
142 E. Liberty St. Wooster Oh 44691
We Loved it , just wish I would have taken some indoor pictures , we'll go back again , I'm sure .

We went to a Hungarian Coffee Shop for great coffee and Yummy desert .
Loved it and hope to go back to both of these great places a lot .
See the big dog in the lower corner giving Teresa the eye .

We got Nut and Poppy Seed Roll like my DH's mother made many years ago .

Brought some home for him .

This sweet dog was at the next out door table . She loved Teresa and the treat she gave her .

The Everything Rubbermaid store was accross the street .

Old Wooster Court House . Great old building .

Close up of front door aria .

We went in this store to look around . Just down the street from the old courthouse

Lots of great things .

This was just in side the front enterance .

Getting ready for the 4th of July .

All kind of things to look at .

On the way home on the road between Wooster and Orrville we stoped at Buckwalder Greenhouse to get some plants .

There's so much to see . We try to come here every year to get lots of plants .

Red and white , Love it .

Teresa looking at some pretty purple flowers .

We Love this place . Wish you could see it in person .

We had a Fun day , of course I'm taking the pictures and forgot to put me in any of them LOL .

I got some plants I'll be putting in a basket .


Mari said...

What a fun day! I would love the Rubbermaid store!

Joy said...

Sounds like a great time. The flowers and food look good too.

Melissa Miller said...

How fun Mary!
The greenhouse and all of the flowers look really amazing.

Have a blessed Sunday.
~Melissa :)

sue said...

So glad you had a fun day Mary! Those rolls looked so GOOD! The shop too looked like a lot of fun, and theres nothing more fun than looking at and buying flowers, looks like a great place! Thanks for sharing your day with us! xoxo

Jessica said...


Looks like a great day and that breakfast...YUM! Hope you had a great 4th!

Hugs~ J

Queenie said...

Hey Mary,
It looks like you and your daughter had such a memorable and fun day.....the flowers are beautiful and that food looks delish! Take care...I hope you are having a great summer!
Big Hugs,

Heather said...

That looks like a fantastic day! How are you doing??? You haven't posted in awhile so I wanted to check on you!!

Take Care!

Jolyn said...

Mary hello,
Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog. I had to tell you it was good to see wooster, with only living alittle more than 30 minutes away I forget about it. I think I will make a nice day trip up there very soon. I do know that I will be looking for that hungarian bakery, that I never been to. Yummy.
Have a very blessed week,

Mary / Mariah said...

I hope you'll go The Urban Cottage next door . Many people on another site have been asking about it .I hope to add some indoor pics soon . I for got today , was having to much fun looking around .
We plan to go back real soon .

Anonymous said...

Mary- just poppin in to say hi!! Has life slowed down for you any yet?

July came to a stand still for me when I was bit by a rattlesnake!! Guess that's one way to slow down but I wouldn't recommend it!!

God has been gracious and I am doing much better though I still have some healing to do- God to ENT dr Friday as my throat is not healing from when they put the breathing tube down my throat-
Might have to make a joyful noise from now on if it doesn't get better!


Jessica said...

♥ Thank you my dear friend ♥

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

What a beautiful day out with your daughter. Creating new memories is always so special.
Hugs, Terrie

imjacobsmom said...

Hi Mary! You had me at the Poppyseed Roll! My Gramma made that all of the time - by scratch. When she passed away she took her recipes with her. We have tried many times to replicate it and we may have finally hit on it. Your area of Ohio looks like a great place to visit. ~ Robyn