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Sunday, August 30, 2009

A fun trip to Lehman's

The flood caused Lahman's a lot of damage .
God has been so good , many kind people came to help with the clean up in many ways including food given for the helpers .
Their back up and running good as new I'm glad to say .

Some years ago I made this post just after my cousin Judy and I really had a great time at
Lehman's in Kidron , Ohio .
Please turn up your sound .
The song "I Know who holds tomorrow" was sung at my friends funeral . She passed away in another big flood in our aria back in the 60's .

Click on the title ( A fun trip to Lehman's )
Look at their video .
Lots of old things hang on the walls
bringing back so many memories .

My Grandfather made rocking chairs
like this when I was young .
Love this one person glidder .

This is so fun ,
Picket / Dot you got to see this one .

Wow this stove is really something .

And a frig to go with it .

Judy , do you like this one ?

This is the one I like , See that red Pudden ?

Some things are real old , Just to look at .
These 2 washer's are very old .

Another very old washer .

This BBQ is so cute and it really works .
Wouldn't my neighbors love it .

We had an old ice box and a pot belly stove when I was young .
I just love looking at these and many other old things they have hanging from the walls .

This place has so much to look at and buy .

If You need it they just might have it .
I've ordered things from their catalog , it's a fun read .

We could even eat in Jail but where's the food ,
A dry old piece of bread , Oh No .

I was hoping for ice cream not this dry old bread . Too much fun LOL .

Oh that's better , Judy get me one to , I want a cone .

White dishes , I need some .

So many , I love them .

Perfect , I want a blue one .

Judy look what I found , so many goodies .

Now what can I put in some of these baskets and give as gifts ?
I'm sure I can find a lot of things in this big wonderful place .
Lots of soft pretty rugs .

Oh the good old days .

Oh so pretty and blue on it . Me and my got to have blue .

Cute boots , so fun .

Oh Yes blue lamps , hope to get one soon .
The power might go out this winter , I'll need one .
Oh Wow so pretty .

More pretty lamps , every color you could hope for .

A scale of good measure .

There's a train with cars on it going around above our heads .

This is for the birds , cute but so useful .

Love this .

I remember seeing these being used .

OK I'll go thata way .

This place is so big , you could spend hours looking and not see it all .
It just goes on and on and on .
A lot of their items have been used in Big Movies ,
if they needed some thing that looked real old they got it from Lehman's .
The Amish shop there for many non electric items .
Great place to go Christmas shopping .
You can order from them on line , it's so handy .
God Bless the Lehman Family , their employees and all the kind people that helped with the clean up .


Tootsie said...

I wish there were places like this around here!!! I'd be there for hours just taking it all in! and trying to take it all home! lol

Galen Lehman said...

Great blog! Loved the pictures. I'm glad you visited us and hope you can come again. If you do, please ask for me!

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Mary, What an awesome store. The wringer washer reminds me of the one I used when I first got married. This was a great post!
Luv Ya!

Betty said...

What an awesome place! Thanks for sharing. I like the kerosene lamps and the old looking stoves.

Jessica said...

Oh wow!

Mary, your pictures are great. What an amazing place....I'll take all of those dishes but my collection is getting so big....I may need that amazing barn to store them all

So glad you cam by!

Big hugs! J